Power to the People

You love empowering employees in your organization to do a great job. It just makes you feel good. But sometimes that’s not in the cards.

Because guess what? Almost everyone in IT is overwhelmed, so making things right for people in your organization and helping them maximize their productivity can be tough. There’s a better alternative. Workday has your employee records, and Oomnitza has all the information about the Things you and other employees need to do a good job.

What happens when you integrate Workday with Oomnitza? Welcome to instant productivity. Employees get a more professional experience, and IT staff can smile because their lives are much easier. Employee on-boarding and off-boarding are a breeze, and intellectual property is protected when employees move on to their next big adventure. Fewer worries for everyone all around.

Connect Oomnitza + Workday in minutes

it asset management

You can do the Workday/Oomnitza integration quickly. Then you can:

  • Automatically create and track existing or new users in Oomnitza.
  • Discover which devices every user has, as well as the status of every Thing in your company’s tech landscape.
  • Enjoy the ease and agility of just-in-time provisioning.
  • Give employees access to everything they need to do their best work, without the worries of remembering multiple passwords.
  • Simplify employee on-boarding and off-boarding.