Losing Sleep Over Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices are the bomb. Yes, they are great for employee productivity when inspiration strikes and there’s a boring halftime show going on. But they’re also incendiary, hard-to-control little Things all over the place filled with your company’s precious intellectual property (IP). And, sorry to say, it’s your job to lock them down. So what do you do?

Integrate MobileIron with Oomnitza. MobileIron lets you give employees mobile computing. They can make well-informed decisions where and when they need to. They have secure access to data and insights, and you, thank goodness, don’t have to worry so much about compromising IP.

Connect Oomnitza + MobileIron in minutes

it asset management

When you integrate MobileIron with Oomnitza (it’s fast and simple, we swear), you can:

  • Granularly track all the information essential to your mobile devices.
  • Correlate devices to users in your organization.
  • See device distribution and other metrics using Oomnitza’s Custom Dashboards module.
  • Run corporate-wide reports to get a clear picture of the status and distribution of all your connected devices, including mobile assets.
  • Set up asset management workflows and automation to save time.