Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune

Get in Tune with All Your Devices

Mobile devices: odds are, you can hardly remember what life was like without them. No matter where you are, you can reach out to anyone you know in a host of different ways. You can get information about anything you want when you want it. Bored? Entertainment is just a few taps away.

Without a way to manage them efficiently, mobile devices can become an IT nightmare, with potential security leaks, data loss, mobile app management, compatibility issues, user experience gaps, and the need to constantly chase after technology updates and changes. The issue is intensified and made more risky by the fact that employees bring their own personal devices to work to accomplish critical tasks. Mobile devices, while essential for user productivity, add to the management burden of all the Things powering your organization. That includes PCs, Macs, and other devices.

Connect Oomnitza + Microsoft Intune in minutes

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Don’t start losing sleep over mobile devices just yet, because Microsoft Intune and Oomnitza together provide a powerful one-two mobile management punch that lets you:

  • Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices with a single solution.
  • Discover whether Things are compliant with policies for security, find out when operating systems need updating, and get a complete view into other IT asset management variables.
  • Set up workflows that show when Things are not compliant with Intune’s mobile device management (MDM) policies.
  • Streamline deployment, provisioning, policy management, and updates.
  • Run corporate-wide reports to get a clear picture of the status and distribution of all your devices.
  • Set up asset management workflows and automate your management processes to save time.
  • Increase the integrity of information about all your devices.
  • Gain a clear view into end-of-life, licensing, warranties, and other valuable information about all of your organization’s Things.
  • Increase security and minimize data loss by spotting any anomalous behaviors.