MS Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory

Time to Leave the Arcade

Every device, service, or software has a purpose, and that’s to empower employees to stay productive at all times. This means you have to link all of your assets to their owners so you know what they need, when they need it. This is a tough, time-consuming job if done manually. Plus, Things change, as do employees. It can feel like you’re at the arcade playing whack-a-mole all day long.

It’s easier to end the complexity by integrating Oomnitza with Microsoft Active Directory (this is painless, we promise). You can then automatically assign asset records to users, so you have a connected source of user accounts to make the process fast and seamless.

Connect Oomnitza + Microsoft Active Directory in minutes

it asset management

With the combination of Oomnitza and Active Directory, you can:

  • Automatically synchronize user records to Oomnitza.
  • Define on-boarding and off-boarding processes in Oomnitza.
  • Efficiently reclaim assets (and secure the information they contain) when users leave the company.
  • Proactively provision new hires and ensure they never miss a beat.
  • Enjoy the ease and agility of just-in-time provisioning.
  • Let employees gain access to everything they need to do their best work, without the worries of remembering multiple passwords.