You’re in Tech, So Use It!

You’re solving tech problems all day long, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and, your to-do list just keeps getting longer. Stop wasting your time. In mere minutes, you can create a seamless connection integrating your Oomnitza assets and Jira Server tickets. Voila, asset management simplified.

With the Oomnitza app, you can view rich asset context within a Jira Server ticket. Devices will appear based on the issue reporter, and any other desired mapping.

The new Oomnitza app gives you the ability to modify an associated asset record without leaving Jira Server. Providing easy access inside Jira Server will help you keep your asset records up to date. Translation: less tedious data entry while you’re sitting there wishing you were on the beach sipping a mai tai.

But there’s more: you can link specific assets by adding a comment. The Oomnitza integration allows Jira Server agents to link specific assets by adding @BARCODE in a comment or description.

Connect Oomnitza + Jira in minutes

it asset management

The Oomnitza for Jira Server integration enables you to:

  • View all assets that belong to the issue reporter
  • Link specific assets by adding a comment with @BARCODE
  • Modify asset details from directly within Jira Server
  • Gain quick access back to Oomnitza to manage assets
  • Customize the fields to display in Jira Server about each asset