A Fresh New Look at Asset Management

Employees may feel like the Things they need to do their jobs—laptops, software, smartphones, etc.—are down and there’s no help in sight. They create help desk tickets with IT, but there’s often a lot of back and forth questions and a delayed response. People, please try not to blame IT, because most IT pros are overworked and underpaid. They need help from automation and technology, too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, because Oomnitza and Freshservice enable IT to create automatic workflows that assign Freshservice tickets. Plus, the Freshservice plugin can connect assets with issues lightning-fast, resulting in faster resolution time. IT also can map which fields in Freshservice connect to fields in Oomnitza so there’s a lot less confusion.

And employees? They can get access to the tools they need to do their best work.

Connect Oomnitza + Freshservice in minutes

it asset management

You can do the Freshservice/Oomnitza integration quickly, enabling you to:

  • View Freshservice tickets within Oomnitza and access Oomnitza assets within Freshservice.
  • Display all devices linked to the ticket based on any set of custom attributes you define.
  • Display all the devices that belong to the ticket requester and tag additional assets via the Freshservice ticket commenting feature.
  • Use Oomnitza to pull up an asset record and view the history of Freshservice tickets and make better decisions.
  • Securely interact with every Thing that makes your business run from anywhere you happen to be.
  • Easily configure asset management fields using drag-and-drop technology to track attributes that matter.
  • Automate tracking of hardware and software attributes so you get asset details with ease and efficiency.