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From Chaos to Control: How Oomnitza Reshaped Carvana's Asset Management

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Carvana struggled to manually handle more than 13,000 laptops and mobile devices using spreadsheets, resulting in:

  • A meager offboarded employee endpoint recovery rate of only 50%.
  • Operating with a 70% risk of human error.
  • A lack of holistic asset visibility and precise inventory control, leading to compliance adherence issues.


By deploying Oomnitza's Modern Technology Asset Management solution, Carvana:

  • Endpoint recovery surged to 98%, saving over $600,000 annually as they no longer needed to replace unrecovered devices.
  • Automated workflows eliminate the risk of human error.
  • Attained a perfect 100% compliance rating with NIST and SOC-2 requirements.
  • Accelerated procurement processes fivefold, simplifying forecasting and order tracking with partners.

Executive Summary

With growth exceeding 3,000 percent, Carvana faced a daunting technology asset challenge, struggling to manage over 13,000 laptops and mobile devices manually using spreadsheets. Their offboarded employee endpoint recovery rate languished at a mere 50%, and they operated with a 70 percent risk of human error. In addition, the absence of holistic asset visibility, and precise inventory control, jeopardized compliance adherence.

But Carvana transformed their operations with Oomnitza's Modern Technology Asset Management solution. Automated workflows eradicated the risk of human error. With timely alerts and notifications, endpoint recovery skyrocketed to 98%, yielding annual savings of over 600 thousand dollars, as they no longer wasted CapEx on replacing unrecovered laptops and mobile devices. Moreover, Carvana achieved a perfect 100% compliance rating with NIST and socks-2 requirements. In addition, Procurement processes accelerated fivefold, simplifying forecasting and order tracking, with procurement partners.

Oomnitza helped Carvana automate and streamline IT operations, saving precious time and resources, optimizing asset life cycles, and slashing costs.

"Thanks to Oomnitza, we've gained a holistic perspective on all of our endpoint devices. This empowered us to make informed procurement decisions, particularly as we prioritize cost and process efficiency."

Imran Kazi
Vice President of Technology Services at Carvana

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About Carvana

Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) is a pioneering force in the online used vehicle market. It has rapidly become the fastest-growing used car retailer in U.S. history. enables customers to purchase vehicles from home, backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee, nationwide inventory, and home delivery. Carvana also facilitates selling and trading vehicles across its 300+ U.S. locations, including iconic Car Vending Machines. With a strong commitment to customer care and innovation, Carvana ranks as the second most customer-centric automotive brand in the U.S., following only Ford on Forbes' 2022 Most Customer-Centric Companies List. Impressively, Carvana is one of the fastest companies to break into the Fortune 500.

Rocketship Growth Posing Monumental Tech Asset Challenges

Carvana's journey from 2016 to 2022 was an extraordinary success story, with growth exceeding 3,000%, catapulting annual revenues beyond $10 billion. This meteoric rise wasn't just about numbers; it also triggered a rapid transformation in the workforce, swelling from a few hundred to over 10,000 employees.

What's particularly remarkable is that a substantial 70% of Carvana's workforce occupied dynamic, high-turnover operational roles, including those in inspection centers, manufacturing facilities, and logistics teams handling car deliveries. Consequently, Carvana faced a perpetual cycle of onboarding and offboarding hundreds of employees weekly.

Adding complexity, a significant portion of Carvana's workforce relied heavily on company-provided devices, laptops, and mobile devices spread across 300 locations. Managing this expansive arsenal of over 13,000 endpoints became a daunting task for their lean IT team, often relying on manual methods and unwieldy spreadsheets, creating numerous challenges.

Plummeting Recovery Rates of Offboarded Employee Endpoints

Carvana grappled with the arduous task of managing over 10,000 devices via manual spreadsheets. This resulted in a mere 50% hardware recovery rate for offboarded employee equipment, costing over $600,000 annually. Additionally, accurately tracking devices within a vast network of 300 locations proved challenging, leading to unnecessary new purchases and underutilized returned devices.

Exposed Vulnerabilities in Laptop Security

Carvana's vast network and limited asset visibility raised security concerns. Despite endpoint security tools, enabling critical functions like remote wiping and laptop lockdowns, their effectiveness depended on precisely pinpointing the physical locations of these laptops. However, accurately pinpointing laptops' physical locations across 300 sites using spreadsheets was nearly impossible, hindering defense against potential laptop attack vectors.

Inadequate Inventory Control Jeopardizes Compliance

Carvana's asset visibility gap posed a significant compliance challenge. Adhering to strict NIST and SOC 2 standards necessitated meticulous asset management, including accurate depreciation records, timely reporting to the Financial Business Analysis team, and proper asset removal. The absence of precise visibility hindered compliance efforts and exposed Carvana to potential regulatory violations.

Audits Strain Resources, Procurement Encounters Delays

The asset visibility deficit posed hurdles for Carvana in IT audits and expenditure forecasting. Accurate figures for auditors and finance were elusive. Handling substantial hardware orders added complexity, requiring tracking of existing assets and deciphering incoming items, resulting in delays and manual spreadsheet updates. Automation became crucial for efficiency and accuracy due to a modest IT team and human error risks.

Course Correcting with Modern Technology Asset Management

In the modern business world, automation is paramount. Manual processes, such as spreadsheet-based asset monitoring, drain IT resources and heighten the risk of human errors.

To tackle these challenges, Carvana strategically adopted a suite of third-party tools to fortify operations. And although individually they are very effective tools, they often operate in isolation, lacking the comprehensive and unified view of Carvana's technology asset landscape.

Here's where Oomnitza's agentless Modern Technology Asset Management solution shines. By leveraging Oomnitza's developed and supported connector integrations with these tools, Carvana established a seamless, bidirectional communication channel between their technology management tools and Oomnitza, operating in near real-time. This transformative integration empowered Oomnitza to serve as the single source of truth for Carvana's technology assets, significantly reducing reliance on manual interventions.

This capability proved particularly valuable in tracking endpoint changes, a task susceptible to oversight and errors when managed manually through spreadsheets. With Oomnitza, updates were seamlessly captured through automation, ensuring precise endpoint tracking without the perpetual need to painstakingly locate assets and update records.

Third party tools

  • VMware Workspace ONE for endpoint management
  • Tanium for endpoint security
  • Meraki for network infrastructure management
  • Okta for single sign-on
  • ServiceNow for service management and ticketing

Game-Changing Outcomes

Amid rapid growth, it's common to overlook details and minor aspects due to resource and time constraints. Yet, Oomnitza has empowered Carvana with technology asset visibility, enabling smart decisions that curb waste, enhance compliance, and improve audit readiness. This, in turn, has resulted in substantial cost savings.

Replaced the Risk of Human Error with Automation

Oomnitza's automation has revolutionized Carvana's asset management. It saves valuable IT hours each week, eliminating manual data maintenance. Additionally, the risk of human error was slashed by 70% by utilizing Oomnitza's supported connectors, ensuring a more accurate technology asset database. Workflow automation streamlined employee offboarding, reducing manual touches from over 30 to none, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Reduced Wasteful CapEx Spend on Endpoints

Moreover, it has led to a remarkable enhancement in the endpoint recovery rate for offboarded employees, soaring from 50 to an impressive 98 percent, resulting in annual savings exceeding $600,000. Notably, this efficiency means that over a two-year period, Carvana didn't have to procure a single new endpoint for incoming employees, as IT effectively repurposed recovered devices.

Improved to 100 Percent Compliant with its NIST and SOC 2 Requirements

Oomnitza's automation has sped up procurement by fivefold, enhancing forecasting and tracking. This not only expedites the process but also prevents human errors. Carvana now efficiently accesses critical data, simplifying audit procedures and achieving a remarkable 100% compliance rate with NIST and SOC 2 requirements, thanks to Oomnitza's comprehensive visibility.

Unlocked Financial Efficiency and Optimized Asset Lifecycles

Carvana's collaboration with Oomnitza has improved coordination between IT and accounting, leading to precise asset lifecycle management and accurate depreciation accounting, resulting in $65,000 in annual personal property tax savings. Additionally, Oomnitza's tracking capabilities have optimized warranties and repairs, enhancing overall asset management and device lifespan.

“I’m no longer super nervous going into meetings with my boss, because I know I can answer any question he throws my way around the status of our over 10,000 endpoints.”

Rob Laker
Manager, Endpoint Operations

Single source of truth for technology assets

Oomnitza has firmly established itself as Carvana's trusted technology asset management partner. It plays a central role in addressing key challenges, such as managing offboarded employee endpoints. With Oomnitza's support, Carvana gains data-driven insights, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and enabling confident decision-making.

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