Enterprise Technology Orchestration Solutions

Moving from IT asset management to IT orchestration


What challenges does Oomnitza solve?

Data separated in silos

Current systems manage IT assets in silos. Hardware, software, cloud resources, accessories, and other resources are all treated as though they are stand-alone assets, when in fact they are completely interdependent.

Growing complexity​

Rapidly growing IT complexity, and a lack of consolidation and visibility leave enterprises vulnerable to overspending, security risks, lack of compliance, poor employee experience, and lower productivity.



We are in an era of accelerated digital transformation. Oomnitza's technology orchestration enables you to easily manage the growing complexity of today's IT enterprise portfolio.

The solution: Enterprise Technology Orchestration

Oomnitza is the developer of Enterprise Technology Orchestration, which enables you to grow in maturity from simple asset management to a comprehensive and fully integrated solution without having to implement new and different software.

Our agentless approach consolidates all technology assets into an integrated portfolio that includes detailed, real-time information on:

  • Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Software
  • Cloud
  • Virtual systems
  • IoT
  • Edge computing
  • Users
  • Locations

Single system of truth for your technology portfolio

Go from 40-80% of assets unaccounted for to a complete portfolio perspective

Orchestrate your technology portfolio

Provide a single source of truth to manage your entire technology portfolio with an agentless approach that leverages your existing investment in tools.

  • Pre-configured bi-directional interfaces with existing systems to load and normalize data into a single, real-time source of truth 
  • Configurable data model and UX with unlimited custom fields
  • Bi-directional RESTful APIs
  • Orchestration workflow
    • Drag-and-drop workflow design – no programming required
    • Configurable dashboards and reports to easily manage the data to answer your business questions

Optimize technology spend

Ensure you have the right technology to keep your employees productive and your business competitive, while eliminating any unnecessary spend.

  • Have one system of truth – what you are spending and why
  • Track installed software and SaaS license utilization
  • Eliminate duplicate software and contract true-ups
  • Optimize cloud spend – automate instance hygiene
  • Accurately forecast refreshes and renewals

Eliminate redundant inventory

Improve software and cloud utilization, equipment renewals and licenses, and avoid true-ups

Avoid fines and fees

Govern (Audit)
Govern, pass audits, and stay compliant by automating and orchestrating your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes. And crush your technology audits

Govern your technology portfolio

Operationalize your governance processes at scale – capture all technology asset status change events and trigger actions across systems.

  • Automate on/off-boarding – new employees, transfers, or departures
  • Know and control who has access to what technology, where, when, and why
  • Allocate technology assets to correct cost centers and economic tax zones
  • Meet auditing and compliance requirements – GDPR, SOC-2, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, IPO readiness…

Mitigate security and privacy risks

Operationalize enforcement and remediation of security policies on physical devices, virtual services, and software.

  • Identify and close gaps in security enforcement
  • Tie every asset back to individual users
  • Generate exception reports for anomalies in device and software usage patterns
  • Identify and remediate devices that do not have virus protection or encryption
  • Identify active devices without an assigned owner
  • Identify lost or stolen devices
  • Enforce cloud security group compliance

Close gaps in your security blind spots

Easily administer security, encryption, and device management from a single point.

Improve employee satisfaction and productivity

faster time
to resolution
Proactively keep devices and software current

Streamline onboarding logistics to ensure employee productivity

Ensure that each employee has the devices and software they need to be as productive as possible.

  • Integrated onboarding logistics make employees happier and more productive
  • Automatically keep technology up to date
  • Reduce time to resolution by integrating technology orchestration with service desk

Enterprise technology orchestration has become a must-have for digital enterprises to manage their technology assets as a strategic portfolio. Oomnitza is the first solution to address this critical and pervasive need. By consolidating technology assets data from siloed systems into a single pane of glass, you can optimize your technology spend, automate your governance processes to meet compliance and auditing requirements, defend against security risks, and ensure a great employee experience.