What Is Cloud Based IT Asset Management ?

Cloud based IT asset management (ITAM) is a system
that manages the life cycle of technology assets from
purchase to commissioning and imaging to support
and patching to retirement.

Cloud based ITAM is a SaaS system hosted in the cloud that requires no or minimal software installations.

According to Gartner,IT asset management (ITAM) provides an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions.” ITAM incorporates many other categories, including software asset management (SAM), mobile device management (MDM), configuration management databases (CMDB), cloud services brokerage (CSB), cloud asset management (CAM), and universal endpoint management (UEM).  ITAM itself falls under the broader category of enterprise asset management, which includes technology assets and physical plant and stock such as railroad cars or HVAC units.

Cloud based IT asset management software takes all the functionality of a traditional on-premise IT asset management software and moves that functionality into the cloud, much as Salesforce shifted customer relationship management (CRM) from installed software to a cloud hosted solution. This enables greater scalability, faster onboarding and lower overhead and maintenance requirements for IT teams.

The Importance of Cloud IT Asset Management

Cloud IT asset management systems fulfill crucial functions, including tracking, discovering, monitoring, managing, and securing all technology assets. Currently, this covers four types of assets – physical (laptops, monitors, smartphones), software (installed software), SaaS (cloud-based software) and cloud and virtual infrastructure (cloud servers and cloud-based virtual networks). Through these functions, cloud ITAM serves as the glue that holds together all the IT processes and enables IT teams to perform at a higher level. Cloud ITAM also provides better security, improved employee onboarding, more reliable IT purchasing forecasting, and automated IT audit and compliance processes. Hosting ITAM in the cloud enables:

  • Higher uptime and reliability
  • Simpler deployment and onboarding of assets
  • More flexibility for importing new data sources or adding asset types
  • More flexible cost structures than traditional software licenses associated with legacy installed ITAM. 

Benefits of Cloud IT Asset Management software

Cloud IT asset management software holds numerous benefits for an enterprise, applying to
IT, HR, cybersecurity, finance, and engineering teams.

Cloud IT Asset Management

For IT teams, cloud IT asset management software automates many repetitive tasks, reduces time spent commissioning and decommissioning devices, and delivers more accurate data on the status and location of IT assets. Some specific benefits include

  • Automation of data importing from procured and newly purchased assets
  • Automation of reporting of device status and compliance (patches, endpoint security, VPN usage, hard drive encryption)
  • Automation of IT inventory and audit processes
  • Automation of multi-step workflows around common IT asset tasks
  • Improve asset utilization and reduced spending on redundant assets
  • Enhanced tracking of cloud infrastructure and other virtual assets, including SaaS licenses

For HR teams, cloud IT asset management software enables an improved employee experience during onboarding. Specific benefits include: 

  • Ensuring that new hires have the IT assets they need in place before Day 1
  • Simplifying support processes with a unified central help desk and ticketing system
  • Making status of IT support requests more transparent
  • Allowing IT teams to support users at their desks or remotely
Cloud Based IT Asset Management
IT Asset Discovery

For compliance and auditing teams, cloud ITAM can dramatically reduce time spent overall and, more specifically, on inventory and validation tasks. Specific benefits include:

  • Automating inventory and updating of IT assets
  • Creating repeatable processes and reports that can be reused for each audit
  • Reduced time spent for SOC2 or ISO270001 compliance processes
  • Enablement of more frequent or near-continuous compliance reporting to accommodate contracts requiring compliance attestations

For cybersecurity teams, cloud ITAM is a foundational element of security. Benefits of cloud ITAM for information security include:

  • Automated reporting on anomalies, including unpatched, unencrypted and unprotected assets
  • Rapid identification of ownership, location and disposition of breached or stolen assets
  • Validation and verification of security posture of ephemeral infrastructure (cloud)
  • Enforcement of security hygiene with workflows to escalate and automate compliance processes
Cloud Based IT Asset Management

Oomnitza’s Unique Benefits for Cloud Based IT Asset Management

Oomnitza is a modern IT asset management cloud for the enterprise that is designed for flexibility, agility and extensibility. As an agentless cloud ITAM, Oomnitza aggregates data collected by other sub-ITAM systems to create a holistic and unified single-source-of-truth or ITAM and asset data. With no agent installs required, Oomnitza is a zero modification solution that can be up and discovering, monitoring and analyzing all four primary categories of IT assets within days. Oomnitza has dozens of pre-configured connectors to key IT systems for ticketing, SSO, security, finance and compliance and HR. Oomnitza automates, streamlines and improves the productivity of many ITAM functions by automating repetitive tasks and making ITAM a more programmatic exercise. Some specific features and benefits of Oomnitza include:

Holistic and integrated

Designed to work as an overlay atop other asset management systems and integrate their data into a single uniform golden database. Maps data fields automatically to generate flexible schemas that future-proof your asset management and allow for easy inclusion of new data sources, asset types and fields.

Agentless and lightweight

Captures and integrates data from existing asset management systems without installing new agents on devices or assets. This covers ITAM as well as UEM and security monitoring systems. Requires no major changes to IT infrastructure.


Reconciles and dedupes all asset data continuously to provide an accurate and timely view of assets tracked, including owner, location, security status, and service status.

Full asset lifecycle management

Covers the full spectrum from automatically ingesting and populating asset data via vendor API to onboarding new assets to operationalizing and analyzing asset servicing and refresh periods, to final retirement and disposition of assets.

Covers all asset classes and platforms

Designed to manage all types of assets including hardware, software, cloud infrastructure and SaaS. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and ChromeOS systems.

Flexible workflows

Offers a visual builder that allows anyone to set up multi-step asset tracking workflows across multiple systems to automate or enforce process.


Oomnitza’s API is Python-based and easy to extend into other systems that have their own REST APIs. Because Python is so widely used, there is no vendor lock-in for modifications and integrations you build.

Ready and configurable reporting

Comes with numerous common dashboards and report types pre-configured for immediate use. Oomnitza has a visual builder that makes it easy to quickly generate beautiful reports for KPIs and monitoring and equally easy to set up new reports.

Solution Overview
Enterprise Technology Management Solution Overview
Learn more about Oomnitza’s approach to providing  a single pane view across your entire IT estate.