Digital transformation, remote work, and the explosion of devices and applications that each employee consumes, have put tremendous stress on IT organizations to ensure that all technology assets are accounted for and that they are secure. Traditional IT asset management tools are not providing a full solution. They only cover siloed aspects of an enterprise technology portfolio, such as software, hardware, or cloud, leaving IT to scramble to patch together all the data needed to meet compliance and auditing requirements, to manage vendor contract renewals, and to orchestrate technology on and off-boarding processes.

Enterprises that are digitizing require a system of record for technology, like Salesforce for customers, Workday for employees, and Netsuite for financials. Find out how Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) provides such a system, consolidating the data already available across siloed tools and normalizing it to manage technology assets at scale.

Don’t miss this speaking session featuring Arthur Lozinski, Co-founder, and CEO of Oomnitza and Udo Waibel, CTO of Oomnitza.

You will learn how ETM provides enterprises with both visibility and control of the entire IT portfolio. Find out how you can dramatically simplify regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and procurement, reducing technology spend while enhancing employees’ experience and productivity.

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