Manage logistics across your assets' entire lifecycle

Gain a real-time view of applications, endpoints, Cloud, users, and accessories from, purchase through to end of life.

Oomnitza provides critical insights needed to track all assets across their entire lifecycle

Understand the disposition of specific assets and the users/workflows with which they are associated as they transit across your organization.

Assets can change owners, licenses can be transferred, instances can be spun up or down in the cloud without IT’s awareness. With Oomnitza, you have complete and instant visibility into the status of every asset and their associated owner.

Orchestrate provisioning steps and dependencies across relevant systems

Automate the entire provisioning and asset lifecycle management process at scale, across all asset classes (hardware, software, cloud), integrating asset management with workflow management.

Account for all technology assets

Track and manage the entirety of your IT asset infrastructure from a single integrated view, including hardware (PCs, mobile devices), software (Cloud and on-premise), and all accessories.

Know who is using what, where, when, and why

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks during on and off-boarding

Any new employee wants to hit the ground running. Keep new hires happy and motivated by ensuring they have what they need when they need it, without productivity delays.

Manage from a single operating platform

Stop accessing multiple systems (hardware, software, cloud) to see information about a single user. Oomnitza provides a single integrated perspective on all assets associated with specific users and workflows.


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