Govern your technology portfolio​

Maintain control over the breadth and depth of your entire IT portfolio from a single integrated view.

Enterprise Asset Management

Support for governance processes such as on- and off-boarding need to be operationalized through workflow orchestration to ensure they are followed, and to detect and remediate anomalies and exceptions. This ensures full auditability of the technology portfolio to achieve regulatory compliance and provide readiness for audits and IPOs.

On/off boarding employees and projects – govern and automate the process

Integrations with HR and user directory systems automate the detection of users who are on- or off-boarded or who change status, so that devices and software are promptly provisioned or de-provisioned.

Who has what, where, and why?

Integrations across your entire technology portfolio provide an up-to-the-minute view of who is using what technology, where, and for which department and business process.

Capture all technology asset status change events and trigger actions across systems

Oomnitza’s workflow allows you to set rules for what events constitute an asset status change, so you can take appropriate action across all affected systems. For example:

  • An employee being hired or terminated.
  • A computer loaned to a customer for a project being returned.
  • A computer not registering with security software


This allows you to operationalize your technology governance processes at scale.

Allocate technology assets to correct cost centers and economic tax zones

Meet exacting compliance and financial requirements by tracking where an asset is located, while substantially reducing your tax liability.

Meet auditing and compliance requirements – GDPR, SOC-2, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, IPO readiness…

A detailed audit of technology assets and validated governance processes are required for regulatory and standards compliance. Oomnitza generates comprehensive and timely reports to easily meet continuously evolving requirements.

Identify active devices without an assigned owner

This is a key governance area with a significant downside for companies subject to evolving privacy regulations – and is an easily avoidable risk.


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