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Streamline Compliance and Audit Tasks

Automate compliance verification and improve audit readiness, accuracy and evidence collection for internal and regulatory mandates.

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Overcome manual, cumbersome and error-prone processes for compliance verification and audit readiness with consolidated, multi-source asset intelligence. Oomnitza automates asset lifecycle tracking, policy monitoring and remediation workflows across physical, software and virtual technology assets to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory mandates. Streamline audit readiness tasks to improve accuracy and timeliness, reduce manual effort, and prevent audit delays and failures.

Govern Asset Inventory By Location Govern Asset Inventory By Location

Comprehensive technology asset inventory

Most compliance standards begin with requiring a comprehensive inventory of all hardware, software and virtual technology assets. Oomnitza connects to your existing IT and security systems to aggregate, correlate and normalize asset information and delivers a unified, accurate and actionable asset inventory across endpoints, applications (software and SaaS), network infrastructure and cloud.

Enforcing onboarding and offboarding controls

Whether due to the great resignation or potential economic headwinds, employee churn is at an all-time high. Lax enforcement of controls during onboarding, department changes and offboarding can lead to data privacy, compliance and financial risks. Oomnitza automates policies for reclaiming and reprovisioning assets, revoking licenses and access rights and ensuring imaging and legal hold.

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Perform Assets By Department Perform Assets By Department

Compliance validation and monitoring

Hybrid workplace, increasing workforce mobility and cloud/multi- cloud adoption make it more challenging to ensure policy compliance. 53% of organizations report remote employees deviating from established controls. Oomnitza eliminates blind spots, automates compliance monitoring and executes enforcement workflows enabling organizations to comply with internal policies, standards and regulatory requirements.

Audit readiness, accuracy and execution

Organizations are increasingly burdened with manual, cumbersome and error-prone processes for audit readiness, often leading to audit delays, increasing costs, failures and fines. Oomnitza streamlines audit tasks and reduces manual effort for evidence collection and reporting for mandates such as GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA and more, as well as technology audits related to M&A, divestitures and IPO readiness.

Perform Assets By Status Perform Assets By Status
Unencrypted Devices By Location Unencrypted Devices By Location

Special economic zone (SEZ) compliance

Special economic zones provide multiple business, investment and tax benefits for global corporations. However, they come with exacting IT and financial compliance requirements enforced by stringent audits. Oomnitza can provide granular asset tracking (who, what, where and why), policy enforcement and IT governance for SEZs to demonstrate compliance and avoid punitive fines.

Cloud security controls monitoring

Managing governance, risk and compliance across multi- and hybrid-cloud is challenging. Oomnitza makes it easy to monitor your public cloud infrastructure for adherence to CIS and other benchmarks, detect rogue and unmanaged virtual resources and trigger response actions to notify or stop non-compliant instances.

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