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Optimize IT Resources and Drive Efficiency

Companies are adopting technology at a vastly accelerated pace, driven by cloud adoption, a hybrid workforce and an exponential increase in connected devices. Stay ahead of transformative trends with Oomnitza.

Secure Secure

While the expansion and management of technology has always been a challenge, we are entering a new phase driven by digital business, hybrid workforce, virtual infrastructure and cyber security dynamics. Visibility into the exact status and disposition of your entire IT estate has never been more critical, and is why Enterprise Technology Management is becoming the new standard of innovation for the modern enterprise.

Cio Single Source Of Truth Cio Single Source Of Truth

A single source of truth to manage your entire inventory of technology assets

Oomnitza delivers a unified, up-to-date and actionable system of record for all technology assets to support operational, forecasting, spend management, compliance, business optimization and user experience initiatives.

More accurate financial forecasting, resulting in more efficient IT spend

Instantly understand all technology usage, improve your financial forecasting and eliminate unnecessary IT spending while reducing cost, effort and errors related to audit preparation and evidence collection tasks.

Optimize Spend By Department Wtext Optimize Spend By Department Wtext
Secure Compliance Location Secure Compliance Location

Reduce risk through automation of monitoring, compliance and enforcement initiatives

Reduced the inherent risk in a dynamic IT environment via fully automated asset monitoring (endpoints, applications, SaaS, cloud, infrastructure and virtual), compliance readiness (both regulatory and software license management) and consistent security enforcement across your attack surface.

Keep your employees productive through improved user experience

By tracking and managing assets as they move through their lifecycle, Oomnitza enables an enhanced digital experience (UX and CX) through support for faster issue resolution, proactive technology refresh management and reduced downtime/MTTR, keeping employees and customers productive and on-point.

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