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Do you trust your CMDB? Do you rely on your CMDB as a ‘single source of truth’ to run your business, but don’t trust its accuracy? If you don’t trust your CMDB, you wouldn’t be alone, as by one account the accuracy of most CMDBs is around 60%. But how do you know how inaccurate your CMDB is and if this inaccuracy is negatively impacting your business outcomes? And if you discover an inaccurate CMDB is hurting your business, how do you cleanup your CMDB and keep it clean?
Your key business processes are often complex: spanning multiple organizational boundaries and technology silos. Consistent and efficient implementation of those processes is a hallmark of well-run organizations, saving them time, money, and most importantly, enabling them to focus on the business drivers that accelerate their growth.
The great resignation, hybrid workforce and current economic uncertainty have created unprecedented employee turnover. Beyond the business impact, IT and security teams require a more streamlined and effective approach to remove exiting employee and contractor access to applications, cloud resources and sensitive information, as well as to warrant that respective endpoints, licenses and workspace data are appropriately reclaimed, imaged, disposed or transferred.
Managing and Securing Mobile devices throughout their lifecycle can be challenging. However, devices that go lost and stolen without immediate attention and action can lead to more significant problems, like breaches and unauthorized access to…