it asset management
How Zendesk manages their assets in a hyper-growth period


Zendesk builds software that helps organizations build better customer relationships. Their portfolio of products includes customer support, self-service, phone support, web chat, messaging apps, proactive engagement and customer analytics.
Zendesk helps companies provide great support and then mature with self-service and proactive engagement. Don Medlinger, who runs Zendesk’s IT asset management program, explains his goal to make “Oomnitza the single source of truth for all IT assets in their business.” This includes employee IT equipment such as computers, mobile devices, MiFis (personal internet access points) as well as IT infrastructure such as switches, routers, PANs, etc.


Zendesk leverages Oomnitza’s connectors to Jamf, their system management tool, and of course to their internal instance of Zendesk run by the IT Service desk. Jamf provides hardware, software, and security configuration details for IT assets, which gives the asset management team greater insight into how each asset is being used. The integration to Zendesk (which is one of Oomnitza’s most popular connectors) enables the asset management team to automatically assign tasks such as providing computers to new employees, following up on past due loaner items or proactive device maintenance. And because the integration is bidirectional, the help desk team can see information about each asset in the Zendesk help desk tool without opening the Oomnitza platform. Having asset information at the fingertips of the help desk team saves time and helps get employees back to work faster.


Zendesk uses the software asset management features in Oomnitza to ensure that paid software licenses are actually being used. Pulling custom built information from Jamf, they know what software is installed on all their machines along with the ‘last used’ date. Medlinger explains, “Using the information from Oomnitza, we set the system to automatically email every employee with paid software applications one month before the renewal date for that license. In response, almost 30% of the license-holders of one particular software application raised their hands to state that they no longer needed that tool. We saved tens of thousands of dollars annually on just one vendor renewal! The software savings alone delivered a great ROI from Oomnitza and the system does so much more than software license management.” Zendesk has a loaner program and uses Oomnitza’s workflow engine to automatically file a ticket for all overdue items. This automated workflow tool has significantly reduced overdue items as the reminder is generally enough to get users to return borrowed equipment. Oomnitza is used by many different stakeholders in the business across HR, Finance, IT and the infrastructure team. “The roles and permissions are really valuable; I can easily give different views of our assets to different functions in different departments,” says Medlinger. “Rather than come to me for information or reports, they can pull reports themselves or update employee or asset records directly. This saves us significant amounts of time and gives us a more accurate view of our assets.” Asked about his personal favorite features, Medlinger points to the customization options. “I love the ability to create an unlimited number of custom fields. That kind of flexibility from our asset management system saves time, saves money and increases the productivity of our employees.”

Oomnitza is the single source of truth for all IT assets in our business.
Don Medlinger, IT Asset Management Lead