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Enforce security policies across all technology


Oomnitza enables you to identify and close gaps in security enforcement quickly. Determine who is using which device, what they access, and where they are. Ensure all devices are encrypted, protected from viruses and malware, and backed up. Tie everything back to individual users and the departments and workflows they support. Quickly identify devices that have been lost or stolen and block their access and security privileges.

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Exception reports for anomalies in device and software usage patterns

Integrations across the entire technology portfolio provide an up-to-the-minute view of who is using what technology, where, and how. This enables rapid identification of users accessing unauthorized resources or other behavioral anomalies.

Identify devices that do not have virus protection or encryption

With Oomnitza, you can automatically identify devices without virus protection or encryption, and automate the remediation.

Identify active devices without an assigned owner

Active devices without an assigned owner could indicate a significant security problem.

Identify lost and stolen devices​

Oomnitza’s technology management workflows can see if a device assigned to an active user has not checked in for 30 days or more. When a device status is set to lost or stolen, the status is automatically reflected in all connected systems to trigger updates in access permissions. This provides critical protection to process workflows.

Cloud security group compliance

The workflow engine can automatically detect insecure security groups and send notifications or even stop instances. Automatically stopping insecure groups whose members may not even realize there is a problem is a great way to manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements.

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