Tech Companies: CFOs Get a Round-up of the Hottest to Watch

Tech Companies: CFOs Get a Round-up of the Hottest to Watch

Oomnitza is recognized as a fast-growing pioneer in Thing Management

Cloud infrastructures and next-generation technologies that promise to revolutionize business processes are just two of the disruptive influences giving CFOs more choices when it comes to enterprise solutions. However, it can be tough for them to sort through all the marketing noise for new technologies on the market and determine which are most promising.

Last year, CFO Magazine stepped up and did a lot of the legwork for finance chiefs. The CFO editorial team filtered through the marketing noise and created its first-ever list of 20 tech companies to watch. Chosen companies fall into a wide array of categories, from automated tax software to cloud ERP and social media management.

Oomnitza is prominently featured as a “Tracker of Things.” CFO notes that companies now need to manage a lot more than laptops and cell phones. Today, enterprises need to track capital equipment such as sensors, kiosks, self-driving cars, and other new-age equipment that comprises the Internet of Things.

Oomnitza is enabling customers to track where assets are, who has control of them, whether they’re working or need maintenance, and so on. Our software also allows users to run reports on any of those variables. We’ve built modern Thing Management software from the ground up that offers unique advantages in flexibility and ease of deployment.

We’re in good company on CFO’s list, among innovators such as Slack, Neo Technology, DocuSign, and SecurityScorecard. We’re still one of the smaller companies chosen for the honor, but we won’t be for long. We haven’t done any marketing yet. We’re still relying on a proactive sales approach and word of mouth—and it’s working to fuel very rapid growth. So a note to CFOs and others: watch this space!