ServiceNow Integration

Employee uptime and satisfaction are the lifeblood of any organization, so it’s critical to solve employee business problems quickly and efficiently.  While employee expectations for service quality have increased, companies are dealing with a proliferation of assets across the enterprise and are challenged by the inability to gain full visibility of their IT landscape. To provide employees with a world-class experience, it is essential that your service desk team has quick access to the information they need. The enhanced Oomnitza for ServiceNow plugin surfaces rich asset context, enabling agents to access and modify Oomnitza assets from the comfort of ServiceNow

Oomnitza builds such a rich asset record by taking advantage of key integrations to system management tools, MDMs, employee directories, SSOs and service desks.  Our customers have already invested in best of breed technologies in all these areas and we leverage those investments to enable Thing Management across the entire lifecycle of all devices.

Improve agent efficiency with rich insight into Oomnitza assets

The Oomnitza for ServiceNow plugin surfaces this valuable data in ServiceNow incidents, providing agents with relevant context from the get-go, eliminating the need to shift between disparate business applications. Agents will automatically see asset records that belong to the ServiceNow incident’s caller - the individual affected by the issue - and can easily tag specific assets using notes and comments. Not only can the agent see the important device attributes such as serial number, model, status, hdd encryption, and end of life date, the service desk agent may also edit attributes from directly within the incident. Workflows in Oomnitza will trigger from asset updates initiated in ServiceNow, providing additional automation and efficiency. With the Oomnitza for ServiceNow plugin, service desk agents have access to the information they need to effectively resolve incidents, provide employees with a simple and effective experience, and reduce context switching.

Service Now

Report incidents in ServiceNow from the comfort of Slack

We’ve extended the Oomnitza Bot for Slack to empower employees with the ability to report ServiceNow incidents about their assets. The Bot contextually knows which assets belong to the interacting user, and automates the creation and escalation of employee support requests. Service desk agents are able to resolve incidents more efficiently, with the necessary context at their fingertips. The Oomnitza Bot creates tickets more accurately, eliminating the need for employees to manually identify the device experiencing an issue.

Service Now

Track prior ServiceNow incidents associated to an Oomnitza asset record

Make informed decisions by understanding the service history of your assets. Oomnitza tracks every change, including the linkage of incidents in ServiceNow. To access the list of associated incidents, you may click into the “Tickets” tab when viewing an asset record. From this tab, you may also attach new items by providing an incident number. If you observe an asset is continuing to face a particular issue, you will have the necessary insight to opt for a better course of action such as an asset replacement.

Service Now

IT professionals are responsible for providing employees with a simple and effective experience, and the Oomnitza for ServiceNow integration makes this possible. We're really excited to bring this new experience to our customers that utilize ServiceNow. For more information, please visit our integration page.