Oomnitza’s integration with Microsoft Intune

If not managed efficiently, mobile devices can become an IT nightmare with potential for security leaks, data loss, compatibility issues, user experience gaps, and require organizations to manage mobile apps while constantly chasing after technology updates and changes. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that employees utilize personal devices to accomplish critical tasks. Mobile devices, while essential for user productivity, add to the management burden of all the Things powering your organization -- that includes PCs, Macs, and other devices.

The Oomnitza integration with Microsoft Intune solves this challenge and enables businesses to gain visibility into every device across the organization, achieve security and compliance, as well as automate key management processes to increase efficiency and save time.

Gain full visibility into your assets

Oomnitza provides a single source of truth that captures all of the Things that your organization relies on. We achieve this by connecting to your various system management, SSO, service desk, user directory, and MDM solutions including Microsoft Intune. With all of this valuable data in Oomnitza, you may run corporate-wide reports to get a clear picture of the status and distribution of your devices. These reports include identifying which Things are out of compliance, are coming up to end-of-life, are reaching the end of warranty, and are potential security risks. You may also setup automated email reports to keep necessary individuals in-the-know.

Connecting Oomnitza with Microsoft Intune is a simple process that involves selecting which fields from Intune you would like to populate in Oomnitza. These attributes can be used for dashboards, reports, as well as workflows.

Microsoft Intune

To configure the data you’d like to collect, simply drag-and-drop the desired attributes available from Microsoft Intune (on the left) to the corresponding fields in Oomnitza (on the right). Once you’ve established a field mapping, you may optionally click the gear icon to specify the conditions and behavior of the sync. By integrating with Microsoft Intune, Oomnitza provides full visibility into the assets across your organization.

Stay on top of security and compliance

IT professionals are burdened with ensuring the security and compliance of the ever-increasing number of devices within an organization. Not only are corporate-owned devices involved, but also personal employee devices used for critical everyday tasks. Each device on your network is a potential security risk and requires proper inventory and management to facilitate compliance. Since Oomnitza aggregates all of your assets across disparate systems, it allows you to establish a homogenous solution for your key reports and processes. This includes workflows that show when Things are not compliant with Intune’s mobile device management (MDM) policies, allowing you to minimize data loss by spotting any anomalous behaviors. Detect if devices are reporting unsanctioned IP addresses, or contain any blacklisted software that needs to be removed.

Microsoft Intune 

Oomnitza allows you to create saved reports and automatically flag at-risk devices that are not fully encrypted or have failed to check-in for an extended period of time. You may surface these reports in the dashboards by creating a new widget, and selecting your saved report as the data source. This allows you to visualize the distribution of affected devices by asset type, model, location or any of your custom fields, providing you with valuable insight.

Taking control of your devices and staying on top of security and compliance has never been easier thanks to the Oomnitza integration with Microsoft Intune. We're really excited to bring this new experience to our customers. For more information, please visit our integration page.