Oomnitza in Action: The Smartest Organizations in the World Trust Oomnitza to Track All Their Things

Oomnitza in Action: The Smartest Organizations in the World Trust Oomnitza to Track All Their Things.

Oomnitza customers cite time savings, higher productivity, ROI, easier compliance, and more.

By David Bercovich

Saving time

Where would we be without Wikipedia, one of the world’s most important information resources? The Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit charitable organization that supports Wikipedia, and it would be a lot tougher without Oomnitza.

With Oomnitza, the Foundation tracks all IT equipment, as well as key asset attributes such as purchase date and asset usage. Oomnitza’s connectors make it easy to automatically update asset records based on employee changes, and to assign tasks in Zendesk. A workflow engine powers further automation, showing the team when an asset is approaching end of life, for instance. The end result: everyone saves a ton of time.

Saving money

Zendesk provides technologies that help organizations build better customer relationships. This hot tech company uses Oomnitza as a single source of truth for all the Things running the business. With Oomnitza, the asset management team can automatically assign tasks such as providing computers to new employees, following up on past due loaner items, and conducting proactive device maintenance. Using the information from Oomnitza, Zendesk saved tens of thousands of dollars on just one software vendor renewal.

Achieving compliance

SendGrid, provider of an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service, is another Oomnitza devotee. In preparing for its IPO in 2017, SendGrid decided it had to find something better than spreadsheets for managing Things to achieve compliance.

Oomnitza now tracks everything SendGrid needs to run the business and has unearthed several surprising discoveries. For instance, the company found it had hundreds more laptops than employees. The un-used laptops were resold, generating tens of thousands of dollars. Overall, the company is saving time and money, supporting compliance, and making it easier for employees to stay productive.

Fueling growth

Driessen Groep, a rapidly growing HR consulting and solutions firm, was hard-pressed to keep pace and provide new and existing employees with all the tools they needed to be productive. Upgrades, purchasing, auditing, and other important tasks were difficult due to lack of information. The tipping point came when Driessen planned to migrate to Windows 10. The company had to know how many devices, hardware details, and which users to contact before the migration, yet that information wasn’t available.

Today, Oomnitza gives Driessen a quick overview of the number of devices, making it easy to make cost calculations, create spot-on forecasts, and more. The platform also streamlines onboarding and offboarding of employees—an important factor for a rapidly growing company. And the migration to Windows 10? It went off without a hitch.

Taming complexity

showNets manages WiFi networks for some of the largest trade shows in the world, including Dreamforce, Salesforce’s event that slows traffic to a crawl. The company manages and plans all the equipment needed to run the wireless networks for the show. Sometimes the equipment hops onward to multiple shows before returning to the showNets warehouse. The showNets team needs a comprehensive view into where every Thing is, and relies on Oomnitza.

Empowering learners

Oomnitza is also helping equip students with the tools they need to succeed. Lake Zurich School District near Chicago provides an iPad for every student. The technology positively impacts student outcomes, but thanks to Oomnitza, the logistics, while complicated, are invisible to users.

We could go on and on about our customers, but they say it best. Visit our homepage to learn more about how smart, innovative organizations are transforming the way they manage every Thing they need.