Oomnitza Bot

Today Oomnitza announced Oomnitza Bot, a new IT asset management chat bot that works within Slack and integrates with Jira Service Desk from Atlassian and Zendesk to intelligently automate and escalate employee support requests and corresponding IT support staff responses. The result is significant productivity gains and cost savings for both employees and IT support staff.

Employees have traditionally filled out support tickets when they have an IT problem or need. The manual process robs time and attention from employees’ core job responsibilities. It is also error-prone and often leads to a series of back and forth questions with an IT agent, resulting in further productivity losses.

Oomnitza Bot handles the ticketing process automatically, based on data within Oomnitza about which devices individuals have, how long they’ve had them, what problems have been experienced in the past, and other variables. Issues are resolved in a fraction of the time. Employees are up and running quickly with all the tools they need, and IT can focus on more strategic tasks. Oomnitza Bot is also infinitely scalable to support organizations’ growth.

"With Oomnitza Bot, employees can now have more visibility and connections to the Things that make them productive," said Arthur Lozinski, CEO of Oomnitza. "Employees can create tickets faster, and IT support can respond more quickly because the Bot validates the information and provides self-service instructions." 

Key Benefits

  • Significant Productivity Gains: Oomnitza Bot equips employees with all the Things they need to keep working without downtime.
  • IT Value: IT can focus on vital tasks versus clarifying tedious details of support tickets.
  • Scalability: Organizations can grow while still supporting employees’ IT needs.
  • Cost Avoidance: A 1,000-person organization can recoup $1.4 million per year by saving each employee 10 minutes per day.

To obtain Oomnitza Bot, visit our website or the Slack Marketplace.