How ITAM Affects Your Bottom Line

Oomnitza is an integrated, lightweight ITAM tool that does three main things:

  1. Track, onboard and visualize your assets
  2. Recommend actions and notify the owners when such actions are needed
  3. Provide metrics on overall use 

An additional value is that Oomnitza is built for integration with other tools through their APIs, which is already true for Google Apps, Jira, MobileIron, and much more.  These integrations form a seamless workflow stimulus from Oomnitza to the third-party business tools, removing the need for a human resource in between the two tools.  With all this value, it is however often not the IT manager justifying the purchase of ITAM tools-it’s often a technology owner or business strategist.

Let’s talk about how implementing an ITAM tool actually affects your company’s finances.  Buying the year license from Oomnitza would increase your expenses for that year, but there are several positive impacts that come from having such a product. 

IT employees save minutes per device they manage, which can be hours per day, and days per month of conserved labor.  The long-term effect of this is a decreased IT spend for every incremental growth in the company’s device volume and geographic growth. 

Devices last longer and cost less operationally with timely updates and maintenance driven by custom workflows.

Increased device up-time overall increases workforce productivity for each business department.

The definition of efficiency is output per input, which is one of the major value propositions of the ITAM tool,  A company is able to run faster and expand their margins, increasing their net income in the long-term.  The ITAM product helps the relationship between revenues and overall costs become nonlinear, which is not surprisingly the argument for most IT business tools.  Once this impact is clear to the IT owner, it becomes easier to communicate to the payer in the same organization, even if the payer exists in a different business department.